Why CSR Matters

Here are a few eye-opening takeawaysfrom the Cone Communications Study:


70% of Americans feel businesses are obligated to take actions to improve issues that may not be relevant to daily business operations*


76% refuse to purchase a product if they find out a company supported an issue contrary to their beliefs*


89% of consumers will switch brands to one that is associated with a good cause provided cost and quality are similar*

*Cone Communications CSR Study, Cone Communications

Our CSR Philosophy.

Today, Corporate Social Responsibility isn’t just a trend, it’s an imperative. We are living – and doing business – in a new era in an entirely new world. A world driven more than ever by values, accountability, unity and community. Now, as never before, it’s critical for companies to have well-planned, well-implemented strategies to engage not only their employees, but also the communities in which they live and serve. Communicating your values by standing up for causes that serve the greater good must be a path on the roadmap for every business’s success.

The CMR team has deep, proven expertise in leading companies through every facet of the creation and implementation of a standout CSR program. We understand the challenges that come with pursuing a CSR culture and pairing a brand with the causes that they believe in and will benefit society. We have found that organizations that tell the story of how their CSR efforts align with their core values achieve the most long-term credibility and ROI.

Our approach is always grounded in understanding your values, the causes close to your heart, and the ways you want to create positive change in your community. Establishing that foundation enables us to develop narratives and strategies unique to you that will remain authentic and validate your company’s commitment to living its values – while your employees share your pride in making a difference.

Our CSR Work.