Friends of the Israel Defense Forces (FIDF) 

Annual Marketing & Fundraising Campaigns


FIDF supports soldiers of the Israel Defense Forces across the U.S. through education, finances, and cultural initiatives as they protect the Jewish homeland. Our year-round work with FIDF focuses on designing creative, data-driven strategies for national fundraising campaigns across multiple channels. The goal is to engage donors at all levels through email, direct mail, digital advertising, and paid and organic social media. 

Services Provided

Strategic Planning , Digital Fundraising, Email Marketing, Creative Development , Digital & Social Media , Campaign Evaluation  


Million in 2021, we helped FIDF raise $5.5 million over an 11-day span


New supporters acquired

Our Solution

We started our work with FIDF by developing a user-centered model that built in both engagement and fundraising communication throughout the year. Our team began enriching FIDF’s fundraising appeals with new and more engaging content including meaningful videos, news briefings, and storytelling in addition to a specific cadence of fundraising emails. Through constant testing and reviewing data and analytics, we were able to identify which messages, images, and subject lines worked best with each audience. This data-driven approach allows us to optimize our efforts, achieving more and more each year. In 2021, we helped FIDF raise $5.5 million over an 11-day span and acquired 7,721 new supporters, far surpassing campaign goals with record-breaking results.