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Healthmagination is GE’s global initiative to provide better healthcare for more people around the world through innovations that lowers the cost, increases the access and improves the quality of healthcare. Within Healthymagination is GE’s Brain Health Team, responsible for partnering with a wide array of enterprises to advance neurodegenerative research and brain health initiatives around the world. In response to growing global interest in this work, the Brain Health Team contracted with CMRignite to help increase the visibility of the consortium’s efforts.

Services Provided

Strategic Planning , Creative Development, Brand Consulting, Campaign Evaluation

BrainTrust Magazine
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The BrainTrust e-zine garnered a following of over 60,000 global stakeholders and boosted GE’s influence within the neurological field

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Our Solution

CMRignite identified that most materials about brain health were dry, overly scientific, relatively inaccessible, and disengaging for readers. Therefore, our team developed the BrainTrust project, an engaging e-zine (electronic magazine) designed to drive awareness of neurodegenerative diseases while highlighting GE and its partners’ innovations in the neurological field. Our Creative Team developed the layout, design, and content for the e-zine, conveying Brain Health’s innovations in a visual way, while also reinforcing GE’s overall brand identity and commitment to this cause. BrainTrust also told personal, heartfelt stories that showed the consortium’s positive impact, featuring 12 e-zine issues. The e-zine was highly effective in boosting awareness of GE’s Brain Health initiative, garnering a following of over 60,000 global stakeholders and boosting GE’s influence within the neurological field. 

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