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Since 2007, CMRignite has been working with Wisconsin WIC to connect people to the resources they need. In 2018, our team helped Wisconsin WIC develop a campaign that would speak to Millennial and Gen Z parents in order to change perceptions of the WIC program and boost enrollment. This annual campaign assists 70 WIC agencies throughout the state of Wisconsin by providing the tools and resources they need to increase awareness and enrollment in the WIC program. This campaign requires CMRignite to design and implement new, innovative ways to engage parents and caretakers through multi-cultural marketing tactics each year. 

Services Provided

Strategic Planning, Brand Consulting, Media Planning & Buying, Creative Development, Digital & Social Media, Campaign Evaluation, Web Design

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Since 2007, WIC and CMRignite have developed a working relationship that has been one of absolute satisfaction as CMRignite incorporates a level of professionalism and unconstrained creative talent unseen by its competitors. I can always rest assured that CMR will go above and beyond my expectations.

– Director, Wisconsin WIC 

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This year’s enrollment week produced results that far surpassed our goals, such as a 65% increase in web traffic


394% increase in organic video views and a 100% increase in enrollment


Overall reach of more than 45,000 people on Facebook alone

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Our Solution

Understanding that the overall goal of this campaign was to reposition the WIC program for a modern Gen Z/Millennial parent, CMRignite conducted audience research to understand the mindset and values of these audiences. Results indicated that the WIC program was perceived as both outdated (“for my mom and grandma”) and “not for working parents.” These efforts culminated in the creation of the “I Am Mom Strong” campaign, which focuses on portraying the WIC program as attuned to the needs of the modern, Gen Z/Millennial parent. Each year, CMRignite designs fresh graphics, launches a social media and paid media campaign, and refreshes the Mom Strong website to optimize performance and drive enrollment. This year’s enrollment week produced results that far surpassed our goals, such as a 65% increase in web traffic, a 394% increase in organic video views, a 100% increase in enrollment, and an overall reach of more than 45,000 people on Facebook alone. As a result of our work, Wisconsin is now among the top U.S. states for WIC enrollment.  

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