As Milwaukee Continues to Experience Increased Gun Violence, Recent Survey Shows Residents are Ready for Real Solutions


(MILWAUKEE, Wis.) – August 18, 2022

As gun violence in Milwaukee continues to surge, Wisconsin residents are ready for sustainable solutions that save lives and create safer neighborhoods. A recent pulse survey of Wisconsin residents conducted by CMRignite, a leading multicultural public health and cause marketing communications agency based in Milwaukee, found that more than 80% of Wisconsin residents agree that gun violence in Milwaukee is a serious issue, and more than half say it’s the most important issue in the city.  

In addition, CMRignite has partnered with The Asha Project for a “Men’s Only” event Friday, August 19 at the Wisconsin African American Women’s Center, 3020 W. Vliet St. from 7 p.m. until 9 p.m. This candid discussion will talk about gun violence and domestic violence. The agency will conduct a digital survey to capture additional insights about this issue.  

“As a proud Milwaukee native, I’ve seen the irreversible impact of gun violence and have watched it destroy too many of our neighborhoods, our communities and our families,” said David Bowles, president of CMRignite. “From the Central City to the Deer District, we’ve lost too many lives to this epidemic. It’s time for bold ideas and bold actions, and I’m hopeful that CMRignite can be a part of the solution. We are all in this together.” 

In Wisconsin, about seven in 10 African American and Hispanic residents say gun violence is the most important issue facing Milwaukee, according to the survey which was conducted by CMRignite’s Innovation Hub, which focuses on quantitative and qualitative research. 

CMRignite’s survey further revealed the following data points: 

  • Three-fourths of Milwaukee residents say that gun violence has gotten worse in Milwaukee over the past three years. 
  • Only 13% of Wisconsin residents agree that Milwaukee has effective ways to address gun violence. 
  • Wisconsin residents agree that support services for mental health and trauma, peer/mentor support and skills-based education to handle violence would be helpful in promoting safety and preventing gun violence in Milwaukee. 

“CMRignite’s survey findings illustrate the importance of listening to residents and understanding their lived experiences in order to develop effective solutions,” explained Dr. Joan Prince, a consultant with CMRignite’s Research Division. “The feedback from this survey is invaluable as we all look for ways to address gun violence and make Milwaukee’s neighborhoods safe for children and families.” 

Based on the survey findings, CMRignite has identified a three-pronged violence prevention approach: 

  1. Develop a platform to amplify the voices of victims of gun violence and their families
  2. Create a comprehensive, city-wide effort that brings together grassroots organizations, business stakeholders and government leaders to find real solutions based on research findings 
  3. Work with local organizations to develop and deploy hands-on education derived from quantitative data and innovative violence prevention resources that focus on conflict resolution. 

To download the survey findings and learn more about this initiative, please contact CMRignite at or  

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